4th Period Jr. High Physical Education Class

Junior High Physical Education Syllabus


Instructor:  Marty Young

E-mail:                                                                                         Phone:

myoung@advancehornets.org                                                  573-820-3513


Course Description:

Physical Education classes are designed to practice and develop skills in activities that will help students maintain fitness throughout their life.  Early in the fall students fitness levels will be assessed in the following areas: cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance.  From these assessments we will develop a baseline in which we will use to set personal fitness goals.  We will explore fitness activities designed to improve all areas of fitness.  Our goal is that by the end of the year students will improve their scores on their baseline fitness tests through regular cardiovascular endurance training, muscular endurance training, and activities designed to increase current levels of fitness.  Students will be introduced to life-long activities designed to increase their likelihood of exercising in the future.  Students will understand the benefits that regular exercise can provide for a person’s mental, physical, and social health.


Course outline:

·  During class students will:

* Assess personal fitness levels using Fitnessgram Testing Standards

* Set realistic personal fitness goals

* Identify fitness components and understand how those fitness components are essential to a balanced and well rounded fitness plan

* Develop individual skills associated with teamwork, problem solving and leadership.

* Complete fitness testing throughout the year


Possible Activities:

Physical Fitness, Flag Football,  Bowling, Golf, Frisbee golf, Ultimate Frisbee,  Fitnessgram Test, Table Tennis, Badminton, Pickleball, Volleyball, Diamond games.


Materials needed for this course:

o   Students are REQUIRED to be prepared for class each day by having a change of clothes.

o   Appropriate clothes include: shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes.

o   Failure to dress appropriately will have a negative impact on your grade.


Textbook and Resources Utilized:

*  FitnessGram Fitness Standards

*  Various iPad applications

*  Google Classroom (app) – students are expected to regularly monitor classroom activities and requirements through class Google Classroom page.


Grading:  Pass or Fail:

Attendance and participation are extremely important in this class. Ten points are earned each day for full participation, positive social interactions/teamwork, and skill development. Overall grading is based upon attendance, participation/effort, preparedness for class, assignments/projects/skills, as well as the demonstration of literacy by meeting the SHAPE America Standards.  

Unexcused absences:  Unexcused absences will result in the loss of points for that day or a score of

zero.  Students are not able to make up points for unexcused absences.

Limited participation: For extended non-participation (longer than one day) a doctor’s note is required.  Students will be required to participate unless they provide a doctor's note.  Students who do not participate and fail to turn in a doctor’s note will receive no credit for the unit.

Classroom Rules/Consequences
1. Be On Time. (Students have 5 minutes after the bell to change.) 3 tardies = loss of points.
2. Be Prepared. (Students are required to wear tennis shoes and clothing that is appropriate for exercise.)
3. Follow teachers directions the first time they are given.
4. Respect your teacher and classmates in words and actions.

Our School’s Anti-Bullying Rules:

  1. We will not bully others.

  2. We will try to help students who are bullied.

  3. We will try to include students who are left out.

  4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.  

Cell phones/Electronic Devices:

Cell phones and other electronic devices are NOT to be brought to physical education class, unless directed by the teacher to do so.  Electronic devices are NEVER to be used in any locker rooms or restrooms.  Failure to comply with this procedure will result in confiscation of the device, in which case the student can pick the device up from the high school office at the end of the school day.


Requirements:  Student participation is a must! This is an activity-based class therefore students should expect to be active during the class period.  Students should be prepared to openly experience new activities.  Remember to be safe, responsible, respectful and to have fun!